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 Kris teaches  a  four-part  video  workshop  at  B&C  Camera  in  Las  Vegas,  Nevada. 

 Storytelling  is  kris'  main  focus,  
 as  he  takes   students  through  
 video  Essentials, Video  Lighting  &  Green  Screen, An  Audio  &  Editing  Crash  Course,  and  Cinematography  Basics. 


 Learn  how  to  shoot,  cut,  and  think 
 like  a  filmmaker! 

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Banner 3 - Audio & Editing CC.png
Banner 4 - Cinematography Basics.png

  For  Scheduling  and  registration  
  information  visit  


  Indie  tips  

  Humorous  videos  offering  tips  &  Tricks  to  aspiring  indie  filmmakers 

  Circa  2011  

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